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Welcome to our US City Energy Partner page..

Here you can learn about our partnership program for US city and county Chambers of Commerce.
The Chamber of Commerce Energy Conservation Initiative (CCECI) is a process that enables any city or county Chamber of Commerce across the nation to demonstrate their community leadership by implementing energy conservation outreach programs to their local business members.

This initiative provides CCECI City Partners all of the tools and information needed to reach out to their business members and help those companies to become more energy efficient, save money and improve the environment we all share.

The Benefits
  The participating Chamber of Commerce potentially saves money by initiating an Energy Audit on their own facility and making recommended changes as feasible.

2.  Participating Chambers are recognized for social responsibility, enhanced Leadership and Value in their communities and by their members.

3.  Local businesses benefit from having a community resource that can provide a simple plan to help them become more energy efficient and save money.

4.  This initiative provides Chambers with additional event opportunities that raise money, awareness and attract new business members.

5.  As more companies learn to become more energy efficient The Environment Benefits.
Manatee County Chamber of Commerce

Jeff Kratsch is a participating committee member of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce 'Green Business Initiative.'