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Your participation in OneLightBulb.org events will help us raise awareness and make an impact across the globe.  Contributions will support our efforts to educate people in schools, businesses and public office how easy it can be to make that simple first step toward eliminating CO2 emissions and mitigating the causes of global climate change.

Activities and Events
We welcome your support in all of the programs listed on this website; as we create informational "Action" programs, brochures and bumper stickers for distribution to schools and businesses; to support our Energy Audit program for homes and businesses; and to distribute CFLs.

OneLightBulb.Org is a Florida non profit corporation.

Energy Conservation Benefits All of Us.. Thank you for your support!

Jeffrey Kratsch - Founder & Chairman
Jeffrey Kratsch - Founder
Bradenton, Florida
Office: 941-704-6835

Joanna Bailey - Executive Director
Office: 941-812-6672

Craig Bailey - Vice President of Public Affairs
Office: 941-812-8292

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Be a part of the solution!  Help us spread the word.. to your parents, to your neighbors, in your school, at the office!

Or you can simply share this information and go replace One Light Bulb on your own!