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Energy Kids
Become An Energy Kid!

Do you want to be a super hero?  Do you want to help save the world?  Any kid can do it..  by being an Energy Kid!

Step 1 - Change the World - Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge - Ask your parents and click here: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=globalwarming.showPledgeHome

Step 2 - Learn about Renewable Energy -

Step 3 - Play Games! - Games, Tips and Facts Just for Kids -

Step 4 - Get Your Energy Kid Super Powers -

Step 5 - Learn and Play Some More -
It's not be easy being a super hero, it takes sacrafice and commitment.  But the rewards of knowing that YOU are making a difference, that You can help save the planet make it all worthwhile.

That's What Energy Kids Do!
Energy Kids show that they care about planet Earth..
      By giving up one week of their allowance to buy mom and dad their first Compact Fluorescent
      By telling their friends how they can help make the world safer and the air cleaner.
      By asking their teachers to get involved in the Energy Kids program.
      By showing their parents this website and asking them what they are doing to reduce 
      greenhouse gasses.
      By donating One(CFL)LightBulb to an underpriviledged kid so he can be a super hero too!
Add Your Name to our Energy Kids List!

Ask mom or dad to add your name at:

Now you can show your friends and family that your are a true Super Hero..  Your an Energy Kid.

Be an Energy Star with Horton:  Order your free poster today, click here: