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Energy Audit

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Here you can discover how to make your Home or Business more energy efficient.. Saving Energy and Saving Money!

Energy Audits for the Home

If you are like most people you may be too busy to consider energy efficiency upgrades to your home.  There are plenty of witticisms about how many [people] it takes to change a light bulb, but if you're not familiar with CFLs and how to find the right ones to replace your old bulbs.. well, we may be the comedy relief you are looking for.

Contact us today to schedule an Energy Audit for your home.  This service includes:

1.  A full evaluation and inventory of your household lighting -inside and outside.  
      a.  A full report on quantity / type / wattage of every bulb in your home

2.  A list of recommendations on replacing existing incandescent (traditional) bulbs 
     with energy saving Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)
      a.  A full report on quantity / type / wattage of all recommended replacement CFL bulbs               (including identification of dimmable bulbs)
      b.  A list of compatible lighting fixtures that will the optimize energy efficiency of CFLs      
           (if applicable)

3.  If you choose to switch out any or all bulbs to CFLs we will purchase** and install them 
     for you
      **We will provide an invoice to you for the purchase of any new CFL bulbs at our lowest         
         possible price (or provide you a list of CFL retailers to purchase on your own) 

4.  You save Energy.. You save Money.. You help Save the World!

Energy Audits for Business

For a complete schedule of business services and fees please visit www.auditmyenergyuse.com