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What Can You Do?

If YOU simply changed OneLightBulb in your house today -  You would save money, make an immediate Impact on Global Warming and you will feel great!

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Saving our planet is easier than you think...
There are many things every person can do to conserve energy and reduce green house gases like Co2.

1. Support political candidates that are serious about solving this global problem.  As Americans, it is our heritage and our duty to provide leadership and innovation to help solve problems that affect the world community.

2.  Change a Light bulb.. better yet, Change them all!  

3.  Unplug anything not being used.. like wall chargers (cell phone/PDA), electronics (DVD, stereo equipment).  Turn off computers at night or when not used for long periods.  For convenience, plug seldom used electronics into a common power strip to turn on and off with one switch.

4.  Install a programmable thermostat and keep it set on 78 degrees for cooling when home and program it to 82 when no one is home.

4.  Recycle everything you can... Contact your local waste company to order recycle bins for: glass, aluminum, paper.  Recycle toner cartridges at work, donate or re-use old furniture or an old car.

5.  Have an Energy Audit done on your home and/or business and make the changes that are feasible.. start with the easy stuff.  Many local power companies do these audits for free or you can hire a local certified energy auditor.. the money you save will be worth the effort. 

6.  Purchase alternative energy technologies and support the the innovation and development of clean sources of energy. 

7.  Install a Solar Photovoltaic system to power you home or business.  Prices are continuing to drop rapidly and there are many Government tax incentives that will significantly reduce the cost.. and as energy costs continue to rise you will recover the investment much sooner than you think.  After that, it's free, clean energy!

8.  Install a Solar Water Heater

9. Purchase a Hybrid vehicle or other highly fuel efficient ride!

  Keep your tires properly inflated.. this could save millions of barrels of oil.
Don't just think about it.. if you were to change out every light bulb in your home to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs you would save hunders of dollars a year on your energy bill and you would be Saving The Planet with every bulb!

Record how many bulbs you changed by clicking the link below.. and tell your friends about it too!



CFL Recycling Information
CFL Recycling Day at GreenHome Wamalama... Bring your CFL lamps to our Green Business Expo on October 2nd, 2010.  Click Here for more info.